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Re-use, Re-cycle & Re-order

The next generation of sustainable face shield protection

Fully manufactured in the UK in consultation with Healthcare workers and the DHSS.
Combining safety & wearability

Exceptional, full facial protection

Offering exceptional protection with full-facial coverage, our product is made entirely from recycled materials which can be easily dismantled for cleaning and re-used for approximately 12 months.


Due to material choices and composition.


Thanks to material content construction.


No foam or elastic compression bands.


Accommodates glasses, religious headwear etc.

Easy assembly

Easy to assemble and dismantle for easy cleaning

Mechanical fitting

No adhesives, no discolouration for consistent product performance.
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Not all PPE is created equal

Not all PPE is created equal. Our system has been uniquely and innovatively designed to provide a PPE full-face visor that is fully accredited to British Standards and designed in consultation with the Department of health.

Compliant to British quality standards: 16321 (EN166 / 168)

Designed in consultation with Healthcare employees and the Department of Health

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A solution for multiple sectors

Prioritising the safety of our society is now a primary factor, whether in business or through communities. Our medical-grade PPE has been specifically designed to use in a multitude of sectors.

Designed with the NHS as our North Star

The NHS and healthcare sector will benefit directly from Aegis Protective Systems due to the ongoing need for high-quality, reliably sourced cost effective PPE.
 Across industries throughout the UK, there is still a need to provide protection for those in the workforce who are working on the frontline or who are in sectors that have a high level of customer interaction e.g. Multiple Retailers. From government organisations and the private sector to small, local business, our product delivers.

Making choice even easier

The choice is no longer limited to unsustainable options sourced from the global supply chain. Now, there is a solution that supports your own business objectives as well as offering exceptional safety and protection for the wearer. Companies today are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint and want products that are sustainable, biodegradable at the end-of-life and not subjected to land fill disposal. This makes Aegis Protective Systems the partner of choice.

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Who we are

Our journey started in 2019 in the Covid 19 global pandemic

Aegis Protective Systems, a brand owned by APJ Health Ltd. quickly identified the need to design a multi use, safe, recyclable PPE face shield for all NHS and healthcare professionals. This innovation will be key to reducing single use plastic waste and helping our way to a cleaner, greener healthcare system.

Our Aegis sustainable face shield has been designed using new Biomaterials locally sourced and manufactured here in the United Kingdom. Our product can be cleaned, reused and recycled which will support healthcare services in meeting climate reduction targets, lowering your carbon emission footprint, and protecting our oceans and planet.

During the global pandemic between 2019 to 2020 data sourced from the WHO and NHS England documented waste for PPE was a staggering 27,000 tons of single use plastic. Using Aegis Protective Systems, we can reduce the face shield statistic by a huge 90%.

“Today, we see a climate in crisis, Aegis Systems are here to protect our people and our environment!”

Alan Ker, Managing Director

Our goals

Achieved by using our face shield

✔ 98%

Reduction in single use plastics

✔ 92%

Reduction in shipping weight

✔ 94%

Reduction in packaging waste

✔ 98%

Cost reduction to the NHS

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